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SEECO 500 kV Test Unit

SEECO has successfully completed seismic testing of our 500 kV type VIPA vertical break switch at the UC Berkley PEER lab facility. The 500 kV vertical break switch successfully passed at both the Design Level (High) and the more technically demanding Performance Level (High). SEECO is now the first manufacturer to achieve the prestigious Performance Level (High) certification for 500 kV vertical break switches as defined by the IEEE\693\2005 High Seismic Testing specification. For utility customers with seismic concerns and for those who are just concerned about overall reliability of switch design, the SEECO VIPA vertical break product provides customers with a tested, proven alternative to other currently available designs. Please contact the factory or your local sales representative for additional information.

Click this link to view partial video at the start of Design level testing.

SEECO 138 kV, 1200 Amp Vertical Break Switch, Type VIPA

Everything you've come to expect from SEECO, now in a vertical break switch. Rugged, reliable switch construction, low/no maintenance design, installation friendly, with a full range of SEECO interruption devices, including single and multi bottle interrupters. From 15 to 500 kV and 600 to 3000 amp (4000 amp rating in 2014). Available in both aluminum and copper construction.  REA approved. 

Intelligently engineered to provide high performance at a very competitive price.


SEECO 230 kV one-way switch

Now manufacturing 230 kV phase-over-phase one-way,   two-way, three-way and in-line switches, in both air-break and full load-break configurations. Amperage ratings include 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000 amps.  Contact the factory or your local sales representative for additional details.



SEECO 3000 amp rated phase-over-phase GOABS(r) switch and Monoruptr(r) vacuum interrupter

Amperage ratings for phase-over-phase GOABS switches and Monoruptr vacuum interrupter have now been increased to 3000 amps, including all one-way, two-way, three-way and in-line switch configurations  and all voltages.  Contact the factory or your local sales representative for additional details.


SEECO three interrupter on 69 kV Royal vertical break

SEECO has expanded our vacuum interrupter product line and we now offer retro-fit kits for other brands of group operated switches, including Pascor Atlantic, USCO and Royal.  Retro-fit kits are available in both single and multi bottle interrupter configurations for center Vee and vertical break switches.  Retro-fit kits for other brands are currently under development.

HVW assembly on SEECO one-way switch

The High Velocity Whip (HVW) is a spring loaded, stored energy arcing horn providing substantially greater interruption of line charging currents than traditional or other enhanced horn designs. Designed to open a very large air gap within the first cycle after separation, the whip also employs a Delrin tip, which assists in the dissipation of ionized gases.

Recently tested at NEETRAC, the HVW outperformed all other arcing horns in head to head competition. The HVW is now available for all SEECO group operated switches, including side-break and center Vee style switches. Retro-fit kits for other brands and switch styles will be available in mid 2009. Contact the factory for additional details.

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