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1934 Photo of Seeco's First Facility 1934 photograph of SEECO's first facility in downtown Charlotte, N.C., two blocks from present day Bank of America Stadium.
Our Mission

Southern Electrical Equipment Company (SEECO) is an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer of transmission and substation sectionalizing products for the electrical utility industry. Our mission is to provide customers with product solutions that are intelligently engineered for greater performance, reliability and ease of installation, accompanied by exceptional service and support. We are committed to total customer satisfaction.

Our Products

SEECO manufactures low, medium and high voltage, group operated disconnect switches for transmission and substation applications, with ratings to 500 kV and 5000 amp. Our designs are based on IEEE standards. We also manufacture complementary products, including interrupter devices, motor operators, ground switches, auxiliary switches and line post sensors.


SEECO was founded in 1920, when several engineers left Duke Power to create a new "start-up" company, with the intent to design and manufacture better products for their industry. They succeeded. That same drive to deliver greater performance and reliability is what animates our engineers, staff and management today. Our ongoing product development efforts have been a key growth factor for SEECO, producing innovative and commercially successful products, such as unitized transmission switches, line post sensors for transmission switching automation applications, single bottle and multi-bottle vacuum interrupters, and single and variable speed electro-mechanical motor operators.

Due to continued growth, SEECO now has three manufacturing locations: two in Charlotte, NC and one in Reno, NV. The Reno facility supports customer requirements in the western third of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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