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Complimentary or companion products that are not typically included as standard features with group operated switches.

HVW assembly on SEECO one-way switch The High Velocity Whip (HVW) is a spring loaded arcing horn providing substantially greater interruption of line charging currents than traditional or other enhanced horn designs. Provides high speed contact separation, independent of the operating speed of the switch. The HVW is now available for all SEECO group operated switches, including side-break and center Vee style switches.

Retro-fit kits for other brands and switch styles will be available in 2009. Contact the factory for additional details.

Ground Mat - for increased safety of utility personnel during switch operation. Galvanized steel bar grating with welded terminals and a tin dipped ground connector. Standard size is 3' X 4' but other sizes are also available.
Terminal Connectors - with NEMA standard two and four hole patterns, for any size cable, tube or flat bar.  Specify bare copper or tin dipped copper.
Operator Insulating Assembly - for increased safety of utility personnel during switch operation.  A TR205 station post insulator with galvanized steel end caps used in the control column of the switch.
WGM30 operating customer's center Vee switch with one bottle interrupter Worm Gear Mechanism (WGM) - Reduces switch operating effort and is primarily used to overcome increased operating forces created when arc-restricting devices are required on a switch. Available in 20, 30 and 40:1 gear ratios.


EXAUX-02 used in conjunction with SEECO motor operator in a Distribution Automation application External Auxiliary Contacts (EXTAUX) - for remote indication of switch position, independent of the position of the associated motor operator or coupling status.  Also used for electrical interlocking.  Assembly includes aluminum housing, form "c" contacts, lever arms and adjustable reach rod.  Contacts are available in increments of two, up to a maximum of 14 contacts.
Open/Close Designator Assembly - provides a visual indication of switch position to operating personnel.  Green is switch open, red is switch closed.  Standard assembly Includes open and close designators and pipe clamps.  Optional aluminum housing with window is shown here.

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