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Automatic Fault Isolation through SCADA with One Source and               Multiple Switches (Radial Circuit)



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Equipment Typical CVD Control Settings
(2) Group operated switches, any brand or configuration SW1 - Dry contact indication for valid fault 'event' if
(2) SEECO motor operators current >= 1100 amps for 3 cycles AND potential is lost
(4) SEECO current only sensors, type CS at 10 seconds
(2) SEECO current and voltage sensors, type CSVS  
(2) SEECO local control logic devices, type CVD SW2 - Same as SW1 above
Typical Breaker Timing  
20 cycles  
15 seconds  
60 seconds  

Note: the above breaker timing and CVD control settings are for illustration purposes only; your application may have values that are specific to your automation objectives and current equipment settings


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