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Automatic Throw-Over with Two Sources



Video will loop continuously
Equipment Typical ASB Control Settings
(2) Group operated switches - any brand or configuration SW1 - Open at 10 seconds (loss of potential) AND
(2) SEECO motor operators SW2 - Open at 10 seconds (loss of potential)
(2) SEECO voltage sensors, type VS
(1) SEECO local control logic device, type ASB SW1 - Close at 5 seconds (gain of potential) OR
(2) SEECO remote input/output modules - type IOM SW2 - Close at 5 seconds (gain of potential) ELSE
Typical Breaker Timing SW1 and SW2 - Lockout if both Sensor 1 and 2 regain
20 cycles potential
15 seconds
60 seconds

Note: the above breaker timing and ASB control settings are for illustration purposes only; your application may have values that are specific to your automation objectives and current equipment settings

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