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 Center Vee Switch

69 kV, 1200 Amp Center Vee Switch

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Type: C
Insulator Profile: Vee Configuration
Orientation: Horizontal Upright, Vertical, Underhung
Voltage: 34.5 - 230 KV

Current: 600, 1200, and 2000 Ampere

A two insulator, group operated, side-opening, air-break disconnect switch in a Vee configuration, with two rotating insulators per phase for operation.

Frequently used for line disconnecting, isolating and by-passing breakers and transformers, bus sectionalizing, and isolating arrestors, metering equipment, and other apparatus.

Features & Benefits
Small footprint minimizes mounting structure size, cost

Simple and mechanically reliable

No overhead clearance problems

Easiest operating of all group operated switches

Excellent ice breaking characteristics

Lower cost vs. three insulator style switches

Readily adaptable to quick break arcing horns and single bottle loop split vacuum interrupters

Additional Information

Ratings/Catalog Numbers

Dimensional Data (34.5 - 69 kV)

Dimensional Data (115 - 230 kV)

Construction Details

Product Specifications (*PDF 48.3 KB)

Order Specification Checklist (*PDF 46 KB)

Catalog Cut-Sheet (*PDF 199 KB)

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