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Installation Center

Manufacturing an excellent product is only the first step.  To insure that your SEECO product performs to its' maximum operating capability, it must be installed and adjusted properly.  To assist you in this critical step, we have created the Installation Center, which makes available to you a range of tools and services, including printed installation instructions, a 'virtual tailboard', stand-by support, field commissioning assistance and streaming video of our most common product adjustments. 

Printed Installation Instructions

Installation instructions in PDF format are available for our more popular products.

Streaming Video

The most significant installation adjustment steps for each product are now also available in a video format.  Installation personnel can now view key adjustments before they go to the field. 

Virtual Tailboard

We now offer the services of a SEECO Application Engineer to review approval drawings and installation instructions with your installation personnel prior to the commencement of actual field installation activities.  There is no charge for this service. Here's how it works:

  1. Your Project Engineer, Field Supervisor or other responsible party will contact SEECO to request and schedule the virtual tailboard.

  2. Your Field Supervisor or Crew Leader will review the installation instructions and approval drawings prior to the scheduled conference call.

  3. Our Application Engineer will discuss the major adjustment points and mounting considerations for your specific order and answer any questions that your installation personnel may have.  A typical conference call will last about 30 minutes.

Stand-By Support

With advance notice, a SEECO application engineer will be on stand-by to receive your phone call from the jobsite while installation is underway.  Our personnel will answer questions, provide verbal guidance and support, and assist in trouble shooting unforeseen problems that you may encounter.  Stand-by support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week but you must schedule this support service in advance if you are going to call outside of normal business hours of operation. 

There are always questions during installation where a 'life-line' could save time and reduce frustration.  We're here to take that call!

Field Commissioning

Field installation assistance is available for final adjustment and commissioning of new equipment supplied by SEECO.  Installation assistance typically includes technical guidance and training of field personnel in the proper methods of adjustment, maintenance and operation, and in some cases, equipment set-up, calibration and testing.  Commissioning of your new SEECO manufactured equipment will also extend your standard one year warranty to five years.

Field installation assistance is also available for the modification or up-fit of existing equipment in service, or the repair of equipment that has been or was installed improperly by others.  The extended warranty does not apply to installation assistance for equipment that has been in service beyond the original warranty period.

Please refer to the Field Service policy for more detailed information on Commissioning, or contact the Factory or your local manufacturers representative.

Three-way, 69 kV GOABS(r)

Toggle adjustment

One-way, 69 kV GOABS(r)

Coupling mechanism adjustment

Piercing setscrews on pipe coupler

Rocker bottom adjustment

Limit switch and auxiliary contact adjustments


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