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24 VDC Battery Management System


Type: LAB24

Voltage: 24 VDC

A battery management system for 24 VDC power supplies. The LAB24 provides both local and remote indication of battery condition as determined by load and check tests applied to the batteries on user defined time intervals.  The system also provides loss of AC alarm, low voltage DC alarm, and remote indication of open DC knife switch.

The LAB24 can be used with any equipment requiring a     24 VDC power supply, including motor operators, and SCADA and communication enclosures.

Features & Benefits

Prevents premature replacement of viable batteries


Eliminates unnecessary field inspection under scheduled time interval (preventative maintenance cycle)


Prevents "lazy switch operation" and possible catastrophic failure due to insufficient battery voltage when load is applied. 


Utilizes load testing for highly reliable and accurate determination of battery life.


Small footprint allows LAB24 to be added to most existing enclosures.


Universal design can retro-fit any make or brand of equipment.


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