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Monoruptr® Vacuum Interrupters

SEECO type SM horizontally mounted three bottle interrupter



Type: SM
Voltage: 46 - 115 KV
Maximum Interrupting Current: 3000 Ampere

Number of Vacuum Bottles: 2 - 4

A multi bottle vacuum interruption device for use with SEECO one-way, phase-over-phase switches.  Interrupter is horizontally mounted to minimize phase spacing.  Provides full load or reduced voltage interruption capabilities.

Common applications for multi bottle interrupters include:

  • Load dropping

  • Line dropping

  • Loop splitting (parallel break)

Monoruptr® vacuum interrupters are not designed or rated for fault duty.  Please contact the factory for confirmation of the appropriate interrupter configuration for your specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimizes phase spacing and pole height

  • Provides arc-less switching

  • Supports load management, remote switching and automatic sectionalizing schemes

  • Full load interrupters provide convenience, flexibility and clarity in switching; reduces confusion about switching "rules" under various operating conditions

  • Interrupter units are out of the main current path when not in operation and are not subject to fault currents

  • Proven vacuum bottle technology with an established history of successful field service

  • Environmentally friendly - dielectric medium is a silicon oil; no special handling or disposal procedures required

  • Safety - no SF6 that can produce hazardous byproducts, when exposed to an arc

  • Quick, simple field installation

Additional Information

Ratings/Catalog Numbers

Dimensional Data 46 - 115 kV (*PDF 46 KB)

Catalog Cut-Sheet (*PDF 63 KB)


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