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Monoruptr® Vacuum Interrupters

115 kV Center Vee with SEECO one bottle interrupter



Type: SM, CM and VM

Number of Vacuum Bottles: 1

A single bottle vacuum interruption device for use with both SEECO and non-SEECO group operated switches, including side-break, center-break and vertical-break configurations. 

Provides interruption capabilities in switching applications where the recovery voltage does not exceed 30 kV peak and a maximum interrupting current of 3000 amps.  Common switching applications for single bottle interrupters include:

  • Load dropping - 70% pf of load interruption up to 25 kV on ungrounded systems and 34.5 kV on solidly grounded systems

  • Line dropping - to 25 kV or 72.5 kV with voltage limiter

  • Loop splitting (parallel break) - to 230 kV if recovery voltage does not exceed 30 kV peak

Monoruptr® vacuum interrupters are not designed or rated for fault duty.  Please contact the factory for confirmation of the appropriate interrupter configuration for your specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

Provides arc-less switching

Supports load management, remote switching and automatic sectionalizing schemes

Interrupter units are out of the main current path when not in operation and are not subject to fault currents

Proven vacuum bottle technology with an established history of successful field service

Safety - no SF6 that can produce hazardous byproducts, when exposed to an arc

Quick, simple field installation

Additional Information

Ratings/Catalog Numbers

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