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Motor Operator Overview


SEECO motor operators are designed specifically for the control and remote operation of group operated switches in distribution, substation and transmission switching applications. Available in a wide range of motor control voltages, output torques (thrusts) and operating speeds, SEECO motor operator devices will operate any make or brand of group operated switch without limitation. SEECO operators can be provided for either torsional or reciprocating styles of switch operation. A two speed unit is also available for switches with blade latching mechanisms requiring normal open and fast slam close.

Our newest generation of operators (type MNM) is the most advanced and cost effective operator available, providing more user features and functionality with an automation-ready and maintenance-free design. MNM operators offer exceptional value by providing features in our standard units that other manufacturers typically offer as options at additional cost.

Standard features on all MNM operators include a galvanized steel mounting bracket, an operator control panel with local/remote switch, open/close push buttons and local indicating lights, 8 form "c" auxiliary contacts for customer use, DC knife switch, heater with thermostat control, recirculating fan and temperature data logger, 15 amp GFI receptacle, terminal blocks, door operated interior convenience light, torque relief knob, swing handle for manual operation, external coupling mechanism, removable door with lift-off hinges, door hold back, screened louvre with dust filter, heavy duty stainless steel three point latch, drawing pocket and an aluminum enclosure.

Power for the operators is provided by either 48 or 125 VDC station service or a 24 VDC integral power supply (batteries and charger) contained within the main enclosure. For remote switching applications where station service or 120 VAC source voltage is not available, a highly reliable solar power supply package can be provided. Units with the 24 VDC power supply include an advanced battery management system with "smart" charger, battery testing function with user definable test cycles and two 12 volt, 33 amp hour batteries as standard features.

MNM operators also provide numerous local and remote indications of operating status and condition as standard features. Status indications include switch position (open or closed), door open, local/remote switch position, DC knife switch position and swing handle removed. For units with batteries and a charger, additional status indications include loss of AC alarm and low voltage DC alarm. Optional status indications include coupling status and motor current draw (switch maintenance indication). All status indications can be easily checked locally through LED lights.

For distribution and transmission switching applications MNM operators are automation-ready and provide an excellent platform for the integration of an RTU, communication device (radio, modem, cell phone, pager, etc.), current/voltage sensors and other automation-related equipment. SEECO operators are compatible with all RTUís and communication devices irrespective of manufacturer or brand. Locating these devices within the MNM operator enclosure eliminates the need for additional customer-supplied enclosures on the pole structure; this reduces pole clutter, field installation time and cost.

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Type MNM2 w/ customer RTU in separate enclosure

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