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One-Way Switches

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Type: 1G (airbreak) and 1GL (loadbreak)
Orientation: Phase-Over-Phase
Voltage: 15 - 230 KV

Current: 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000 Ampere

A single side-break style switch in a phase-over-phase configuration, with horizontal upright mounting on an aluminum support structure. 

Frequently used for line sectionalizing in support of maintenance or fault isolation objectives.  Phase-over-phase arrangements are especially appropriate where restricted right-of-way or difficult terrain make other switch/structure configurations unworkable.  

Features & Benefits
Small footprint minimizes right-of-way requirement

Excellent ice-breaking characteristics

Reduces construction costs and time vs other switch configurations

Clean visual appearance, less objections from communities

Provides design flexibility to system designers

Additional Information

Ratings/Catalog Numbers

Dimensional Data (15 - 69 kV)

Dimensional Data (115 - 230 kV)

Construction Details

Product Specifications (*PDF 49 KB)

Order Specification Checklist (*PDF 46 KB)

Catalog Cut-Sheet (*PDF 199 KB)


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