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Order Specifications

Order specifications are checklists to assist you in organizing and completing the information required to obtain a price quotation or to submit a purchase order.

Document Nbr *


Phase-Over-Phase, 1-Way, 2-Way, 3-Way, In-Line OS-002 (pdf 45 K)
Center-Break OS-003 (pdf 48 K)
Center Vee OS-003 (pdf 48 K)
Side-Break OS-004 (pdf 48 K)
Double End-Break OS-005 (pdf 48 K)
Motor Operators
Type MNM OS-001-1 (pdf 54 K)
Type SUB OS-001-2 (pdf 18 K)
Type VS (Voltage Only) OS-006-1 (pdf 91 K)
Type CS (Current Only) OS-006-2 (pdf 73 K)
Type CSVS (Comb. Current/Voltage) OS-006-3 (pdf 82 K)
Vacuum Interrupters for Non-SEECO Switches OS-007-2 (pdf 16 K)

* The above documents have been saved in Adobe® PDF format. To view them, you'll need Adobe's Acrobat® Reader software, available for free download at Adobe's website.

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