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Catalog Numbers and Ratings
Operating Voltage Operating Speed Enclosure Material Torque (inch-lbs) Weight, Lbs
10,000 15,000 20,000 Install Ship
24 VDC 0-2 AL MNM2-100240AL MNM2-150240AL MNM2-200240AL 305 340
3-5 MNM2-100243AL MNM2-150243AL MNM2-200243AL 305 340
6-8 MNM2-100246AL MNM2-150246AL MNM2-200246AL 305 340
9-13 MNM2-100249AL MNM2-150249AL MNM2-200249AL 305 340
0-2 SS MNM2-100240SS MNM2-150240SS MNM2-200240SS 325 360
3-5 MNM2-100243SS MNM2-150243SS MNM2-200243SS 325 360
6-8 MNM2-100246SS MNM2-150246SS MNM2-200246SS 325 360
9-13 MNM2-100249SS MNM2-150249SS MNM2-200249SS 325 360

Optional Equipment


(1) To specify an option, add a hyphen (-) to the base catalog number and your desired option by letter. Reference the following example: MNM2-100243AL-AFGJ for optional operation counter, AC knife switch, switch position/coupling status indication and protective shroud

(2) To designate two speed operation (normal open, fast  slam close) for switches with blade latching mechanisms, add a "-T" to the base catalog number. Reference the following example: MNM2-200240SS-T

(3) For a more complete description of optional equipment, please refer to the Construction Details page.

Operation Counter A
Main AC Breaker D
Main DC Breaker E
Switch Position/Coupled Status G
Motor Current Monitor H
Sliding Link Terminal Blocks I
Protective Shroud J
Auto-Throwover Control K
Reciprocating Operation Adapter L
Enlarged Door M
Pre-Wire RTU/Comm Device N
Heat Shields O
DC-to-DC Converter - 48/12 P
Miscellaneous Optional Feature Z

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