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Catalog Numbers and Ratings
Operating Voltage Operating Speed Enclosure Material                                   Torque (inch-lbs)
10,000 15,000 20,000 30,000
48 VDC 0-2 AL SUB1-100480AL SUB1-150480AL    
3-5     SUB1-200483AL  
6-8     SUB1-200486AL  
9-11       SUB1-300489AL
125 VDC 0-2 AL SUB1-101250AL SUB1-151250AL    
3-5     SUB1-201253AL  
6-8     SUB1-201256AL  
9-11       SUB1-301259AL

Optional Equipment


(1) To specify an option, add a hyphen (-) to the base catalog number and your desired option by letter. Reference the following example: SUB1-151253AL-GQ for optional switch position indication and operation counter.

(2) For a more complete description of optional equipment, please refer to the Overview Section for the SUB product family.

Switch Position Status Indication G
Momentary Local/Remote Switch K
Aux. Switch Expansion Board L
Mounting Bracket M
Operation Counter Q
Universal Joint S
Pipe Coupling for 1-1/2" IPS W
Miscellaneous Optional Feature(s) Z

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