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Line Post Sensor Overview

SEECO SENSE digital current and voltage sensor products function as data collection devices (monitoring insulators) and are used to generate current and voltage outputs in metering, relaying and fault detection applications.  Using next generation technology and a patented design, they provide a more efficient and cost effective method of monitoring than is currently available from conventional instrument transformers or optical sensors.  

Compared to conventional oil-filled transformers, SEECO SENSE units are extremely light weight, with a small footprint and compact size, facilitating use in stations or on pole structures where space or mounting applications are restricted.

SEECO SENSE units are available in current-only, voltage-only, and combination current and voltage configurations. Ratings range from 7.5 - 500 kV, with current ratings of 600, 1200, and 2000 amp, and fault ratings of 3000, 6000 and 10000 amp.

SEECO SENSE Advantages

Metering Accuracy - Type CS current sensors exceed IEEE class 0.3 accuracy standards for revenue metering. CS current sensors have broad dynamic metering ranges with virtually no degradation of accuracy at input current values less than the rated current. Accuracies are perfectly linear down to 1% of rated current.

Zero Environmental Burden - Insulation is maintained without the use of SF6, Nitrogen, oil, or other harmful dielectrics. No special handling procedures are required, and no hazardous materials to dispose.

Safety - No risk of catastrophic failure from open current output loops and/or shorted voltage outputs. No need to short the current output. 

Light Weight - Using composite (polymer) insulators makes the units extremely light and easy to work with, typically less than 10% of the weight of traditional oil filled devices. Mounting structure require-ments are reduced, as are transportation costs.  

Mounting Flexibility - The combination of light weight, small footprint, and oil-less design provides unlimited mounting orientations on substation or pole structures.

Other Advantages - No current transformer saturation or potential transformer Ferro resonance.

For additional information on SEECO SENSE digital current and voltage sensors, please view the following pages:

SEECO 69 kV, 1200 amp current only sensor, (wght 44 lbs)

SEECO 69 kV (350 BIL) voltage only sensor, 

(wght 31 lbs)


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