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 Current Sensor

69 kV 1200 Amp Current Sensor, Type CS Type: CS (current only)
Mounting Orientation: Any Direction
Continuous Current: 600, 1200, 2000 Amp

BIL: 95 - 1470 kV

Accuracy: +/- .15%

A lightweight monitoring insulator (data collection device) capable of reproducing in phase proportional sinusoidal current wave for communication to customer devices (meters, relays, rtu's, etc.)

Replaces conventional oil-filled CT's and optical sensors in applications such as monitoring, metering, and relaying.  Accuracy is perfectly linear down to 1% of rated current (burden resistance range 0-2 ohms) enabling highly accurate metering in low current applications.

Features & Benefits

Small footprint, compact size

Less than 10% of the weight of oil-filled CT's; minimizes supporting structure size and cost

Can be mounted in any orientation, including horizontal (cantilever) and under-hung

Hyper accurate; exceeds IEEE class 0.3 accuracy standard for revenue metering

Extended metering range over wide currents; accuracy is perfectly linear down to 1% of rated current

No CT saturation

No catastrophic failure if current output loop opens like conventional CT's; no need to short the current output

Environmentally friendly; no oil or SF6 used as a dielectric; no special material handling or disposal procedures

No galvanic connection between high potential and ground.  Electrical isolation is provided through the use of an isolated high potential.

Generates safe, low current outputs

Additional Information

Ratings/Catalog Numbers

Dimensional Data - Sensor Unit (7.5 - 69 kV)

Dimensional Data - Sensor Unit (115 - 500 kV)

System Details

Product Specifications (*PDF 49 KB)

Order Specification Checklist (*PDF 46 KB)

Catalog Cut-Sheet (*PDF 199 KB)

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