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Voltage Sensor

69 kV Voltage Only Sensor, Type VS

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Type: VS (voltage only)
Mounting Orientation: Any Direction
Voltage: 7.5 - 500 kV (line to line)

BIL: 95 - 1470 kV

Accuracy: +/- 5%

A light weight monitoring insulator (data collection device) capable of reproducing an in phase proportional sinusoidal voltage wave for communication to customer devices (relays, rtu's, etc.).

Replaces conventional oil-filled PT's, VT's, CCVT's and optical sensors in many applications such as voltage monitoring, hot line indication, synchronization checks, and auto-sectionalizing or SCADA operation of switches.

Features & Benefits

Small footprint, compact size

Less than 10% of the weight of oil-filled PT's; minimizes supporting structure size and cost

Can be mounted in any orientation, including vertical and under-hung; provides flexibility in areas with limited clearances

No PT Ferro resonance

No catastrophic failure if voltage outputs are shorted

Environmentally friendly; no oil or SF6 used as a dielectric; no special material handling or disposal procedures

No galvanic connection between potential and ground; electrical isolation is provided through the use of an isolated high potential

Generates safe, low voltage outputs

Additional Information

Ratings/Catalog Numbers

Dimensional Data - Sensor Unit (7.5 - 69 kV)

Dimensional Data - Sensor Unit (115 - 500 kV)

System Details

Product Specifications (*PDF 49 KB)

Order Specification Checklist (*PDF 46 KB)

Catalog Cut-Sheet (*PDF 199 KB)

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