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Substation Switches - Overview

SEECO offers a full range of group operated disconnect switches for substation switching applications, including vertical-break, side-break, center-break, center "Vee", and double end-break.  All switches are available in both parallel insulator and Vee insulator configurations.


Voltage ratings for most SEECO disconnect switches range from 15 to 230 kV and all switches can be supplied with continuous current ratings of 600, 1200, and 2000 amp.  All switches except the vertical break have copper live part construction.  Check the individual web pages and catalog literature for the ratings of each switch configuration.


The SEECO vertical break is available in both aluminum and copper.  The voltage range is 15 to 345 kV with available current ratings of 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000 amp.  SEECO plans to extend the voltage range to 500 kV and the current rating to 4000 and 5000 amp in the future.


Typical applications for SEECO substation switches include high side disconnects, isolating and by-passing breakers, bus sectionalizing, and isolating arrestors, metering equipment, and other apparatus.


SEECO substation switches have over 40 years of proven field experience.  Each switch configuration is designed for maintenance-free operation in extreme environmental and operating conditions.  The operating effort to open and close the switches is minimal, even at higher voltages.  The switch design employs a positive toggle when in the fully closed position, so the switch stays closed under adverse conditions, such as excessive structure deflection, vibration, seismic events, and high current or momentary conditions.


All substation switches can also be supplied with other complementary SEECO products, including motor operators, pre-assembled trusses, vacuum interrupters, ground switches, and externally mounted auxiliary contacts.


For more complete information on product features and functions, please view the Construction Details page.

SEECO 138 kV Vertical Break, Type VIPA

69 kV Center Vee

138 kV Double End Break w/ Vee Configuration

230 kV Center-Break w/ SEECO Ground Switch

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