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Unitized Transmission Switches - Concept and Benefits

SEECO continues to deliver innovative switch designs that improve performance and reliability. Our unitized transmission switches are fully assembled and adjusted on a tube or truss and include factory adjustment of the interphase pipe and associated levers, cranks, clevises, along with synchronous clocking of all three phases. Before shipment, unitized switches are operated and undergo rigorous factory acceptance testing to ensure optimal performance when installed.

Compared to switches that are site assembled and adjusted, factory unitizing greatly reduces installation time and cost, reduces the possibility of field adjustment error, improves installed switch performance and reliability, and delivers the lowest long-term total cost of ownership.

  • Reduced installation time — typically 4-5 hours total time
  • Reduced total installation cost — typically 30%, due to reduced crane hours, crew time and overheads
  • Full factory assembly and unitizing insures proper switch adjustment to the manufacturer's specification, for improved operational performance and longer product life
  • Brings previous field assembly and adjustment time and cost under the manufacturing warranty
  • Lowers total life cycle cost — reduction in future maintenance problems caused by improper initial installation is future maintenance and outage costs avoided

Unitized switches can be supplied for any customer structure and mounting requirement, including phase-over-phase, H-frame and pole top mounting applications.

SEECO was the first (2007) to apply the unitizing concept to traditional one-way, two-way and three-way switches. Our full range of unitized switches includes vertical break, side break and center Vee switches for single-way applications.

To complete your project requirements, SEECO unitized switches can be supplied with SEECO motor operator and interrupter devices.

Phase-Over-Phase Traditional One, Two and Three-Way
Traditional One, Two and Three-Way

Phase-Over-Phase Vertical Break
Vertical Break

Horizontal Upright Vertical Break
Horizontal Upright
Vertical Break

Horizontal Upright Side Break
Horizontal Upright
Side Break

Riser Style Vertical Break
Riser Style
Vertical Break

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