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Unitized One, Two and Three-way Switches

SEECO unitized one, two and three-way phase-over-phase switches combine the installation convenience of unitizing with the proven reliability of our traditional live part design, switch closed 'toggle', and upright insulator and interrupter orientation.

Switch performance and reliability is highest when insulators are kept upright, minimizing insulator deflection, which is more prevalent with cantilever mounted single phases and interrupters. Insulator deflection in cantilevered insulators contributes to live part misalignment and failure to properly engage interrupter devices, reducing reliability, increasing maintenance requirements and total life cycle cost.

Our unitized switches are fully backwards compatible with all previously installed SEECO one, two and three-way switches. Customers benefit from a continuity of product design and familiarity with product features, functionality and product knowledge among operating, maintenance and transmission line design personnel. Further, no new or additional spare parts are required, minimizing inventory investment.

SEECO unitized one, two and three-way switches carry the same robust ratings for allowable line tension and angular pull-off as the original, non-unitized switches. No de-rating is required to accommodate your SEECO unitized application.

Before shipment, unitized switches are operated and undergo rigorous factory acceptance testing to ensure optimal performance when installed.

These are unitized applications of SEECO One, Two and Three-Way, phase-over-phase switches. To complete your project requirements, SEECO unitized switches can be supplied with SEECO motor operator and interrupter devices.

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