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Unitized Vertical Break Switches - Phase-Over-Phase

SEECO unitized phase-over-phase vertical break switches ship from the factory fully assembled on a common unitizing tube and include factory adjustment of the interphase pipe and associated levers, cranks, clevises, along with synchronous clocking of all three phases.

Before shipment, unitized switches are operated and undergo rigorous factory acceptance testing to ensure optimal performance when installed. Factory unitizing reduces installation time and cost, reduces the possibility of installation error and improves installed switch performance and reliability.

Unitized vertical break switches are available in both parallel and slant Vee insulator configurations. To reduce insulator deflection when mounted cantilever, these switches are typically supplied with high strength insulators. Can also be supplied with polymer high strength insulators, up to 138 kV.

This is a unitized application of SEECO's commercially successful VIPA vertical break switch. To complete your project requirements, all unitized switches can be supplied with SEECO motor operator and interrupter devices, including quick whips and single and multi-bottle vacuum interrupters for line dropping, breaking parallel and load dropping.


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